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Morphology of the donkey

If you have a small look, you could say donkey is horse' small brother. Even if...

The average height at the withers varies from 0,80 m to 1,60 m;

The weight varies according to the individual and the race, from 80 kg for a miniature donkey to 480 kg for a Poitou male;

The out-stretched body length is from 0,9 m to 1,60 m; characterized by a fairly narrow breast, the body thickens to take on a more or less cylindrical form towards the rear;

The back is slightly oblique from withers to loin, becoming more or less prominent, then flattening out with a slight downward curve. The spine, shorter than that of the horse, consists of very well-developed dorsal vertebrae, which is why the donkey has a strong and prominent back;

The tail is high-set and pendant, fairly long, with a tuft of coarse hair at the end;

The head is long, the muzzle white, the end of the nose black and the eye almond-shaped;

The voice: the donkey brays, the horse neighs;

The ears are pointed, high set, wide at the base with the auricle facing forward; extremely mobile, they normally measure about half the length of the head;

The limbs, like those of all equidae, are long, set well clear of the body and adapted for easy walking;

The donkey's foot is more perpendicular than that of the horse.