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It's different uses

Donkey was always been usefull for Humans. Use for many help.

The donkey has been very generally used for transport of people. This custom persists in Mediterranean and African countries. In most of Europe however, it was soon supplanted by the horse as transport. Anyone who has ever ridden a donkey will quickly understand why...!

On the other hand, the donkey's special anatomy ­ depending on the race, its spine has at least one lumbar vertebra less than the horse, giving it extra strength ­ makes it a very good carrier. It is particularly appreciated in mountainous regions because of its sure foot on steep, stony paths.

In France, the donkey helped in ploughing fields up to the first decades of the 20th century and in the transport of wood down from steep mountain slopes.

It is also much appreciated by Mediterranean wine-growers as a draught animal.



In other times, the donkey was also the shepherd's companion at the time of the transhumance, because of its ability to defend the flock from the attack of the big carnivorous predators : dogs, wolves, wild cats ..;
In the plains of Texas, it was used to guard flocks of sheep, because it had been noticed that, without any special training, the donkey had the instinct to chase away coyotes and dogs. Just by being put out to graze with the sheep, it adopted them and defended them against all dangers.
To-day there are said to be still 1800 shepherd's donkeys working at the other side of the Atlantic 
Some shepherds on the Larzac plateau in France had the idea of having donkeys to guard their flocks. They abandoned the idea when, after a time, it became impossible to bring the flock in : one of the she-donkeys protected it so well that she prevented the shepherd from approaching the flock.

The pilgrim's companion : the donkey is the faithful companion of pilgrimages, the most well-known in our time being that of Santiago de Compostela which some continue to accomplish on foot in company of a donkey.

The donkey has been used by canal boatmen in the French region of Berry, whose barges it gallantly towed.

Very often, the donkey also carried loads of salt for both legitimate salt merchants and smugglers.

Donkeys and the army : the army has always used donkeys, firstly because of their sure foot on steep mountain trails, but also by reaon of their capacity for carrying heavy loads.

In our time, the donkey has found another job, accompanying hikers on their walking holidays. He has become a companion for leisure activities : his gentle nature, robustness, small size and sure foot make the donkey an ideal mount for children.