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Donkey products

Different kind of products can be used from donkey. 

Donkey milk

In certain parts of the world, donkey milk is used for feeding infants, its composition being close to that of human milk. The jenny gives about 3 to 6 litres of milk per day. Donkey milk is very nourishing, because it contains more milk sugar and less fat than cow milk.
The quality of donkey milk is also appreciated in skin care. Texts from classical times inform us that Cleopatra bathed in it as a beauty treatment. Two hundred lactating jennies, no less, were needed to provide milk for her baths.
In our time, donkey milk is used to make skin-care soaps.





The donkey produces manure which is used to enrich cultivated land. It is a "warm" manure, unlike the "cold" bovine and porcine manure, and is particularly sought for in the case of land which is cold and damp.


Donkey skin, which is at once fine, strong, resistant and elastic, used to be tanned to make drums, sieves and shoes, as well as thick parchments.


Donkey meat is mainly used to make sausages.